• Ayder Nabiev Researcher
  • Gerasim Nikolaevich


vertical roller machine, moisture-saturated material, composite base plate, roller pair, dehydration, chain conveyor, processing area


Abstract – A technological machine for the dehydration of moisture-saturated materials is developed. In the design of the
machine, moisture-saturated materials (for example textile fabrics, leather, and paper) are sequentially drawn between two roller pairs
located one above the other by a chain conveyor and a base plate. At that, the base plate is composite, with rollers at the ends, along
which the processed wet material moves a certain distance from its initial position, due to friction forces with the lower working rollers.
As a result, the untreated strip fold over the base plate is transferred to the sidewall and additionally processed by the upper working
roller. Consequently, the area and quality of treating the processed material between the pairs of rotating working rollers increase.



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